5 Ways You Can Rock Back To School Relationships

back to school

It’s back to school time – here are 5 ways to rock your relationships.

It’s back to school time! Here in Kearney hundreds of students like you are planning on leaving their summer behind and starting the school year off right. As you’re loading up your backpack, here are 5 ways you can rock back to school relationships and prepare for the new year.

1.     Back to school means fresh start

Maybe you had a summer break up. Maybe you will see your old flame for the first time. Back to school time can be hard. Instead of focusing on how sad this will make you feel, focus on new beginnings. This is a new day, a new season. Positivity wins the day. Don’t get bogged down with obsessing about the past.

2.     Set healthy boundaries in your dating relationships

Before you get that first call or text. Find friends who you would like to hang out in groups with instead of one on one. Get creative with your activities instead of falling into the let’s watch a movie rut. This will help if you have crossed lines in the past that you are not proud of and are working on a fresh start.

3.     Don’t get caught up in the drama

If your BFF likes a guy and another friend does too, don’t get caught up in the drama. It’s not good for you. Decide that as you head back to school you’re not playing that game anymore. Encourage your friends to talk it out and refuse to participate.

4.     Work on talking more with your parents

They do want to talk with you. Really. They may get on your very last nerve, you may think they don’t care, but give them an opportunity to get to know you better. Help with dinner or cleaning the car. Time spent doing stuff with good ol’ mom and pops may open up communication opportunities. If communication isn’t the best, maybe back to school season is a great time to work on it.

5.     Commit to staying healthy

Back to school time can be exhausting and it usually gets tougher as the year goes on. Get enough sleep. Turn your phone off at night. Drink water, exercise and eat healthy food. Sure these things may not seem like huge health factors, but over the school year they’ll help you get the rest and nutrition you need to handle major school stress. Not to mention they will keep you looking and feeling great.

At Collage, we’re here for you as you head back to school. We know when it comes to relationships, especially with the opposite sex, things can get complicated. We have peer counselors who are would love to sit down and listen.

Here’s to you having a great year!



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