Ask Collage – What Should I Expect at an Ultrasound Appointment?

Ask Collage - Ultrasound Appointment

Hey everyone! I’m Joey, the Center Director and Ultrasound Tech for Collage here in Grand Island and I often have my patients ask me what their ultrasound appointment might look like. So, I thought I would take the opportunity to explain that to you a little bit.

Once you come in for your ultrasound appointment, you’ll check in with our Client Relations Coordinator, Annette. She’s a friendly little gal and she’ll take good care of you and help you get your paperwork filled out. And then from that point I would take you, since I do the ultrasounds here, I would take you back into the ultrasound room. So, come follow me and we’re gonna head right back into here.

And this is our ultrasound room. At this point I would sit down and just visit with you and go over your medical history to make sure everything is good there. Maybe answer any questions that you might have from your previous pregnancy test appointment. And then at that point we would go ahead and do your ultrasound using this machine.

Usually what we do is get the images that are needed for our doctor who reads our ultrasound exams. And then at that point if I can see everything that we need to, I would offer you some ultrasound images as well.

So, that’s kind of what it would look like from the minute you walk in our door to the time you leave. It’s about 45 minutes to an hour. So if you or maybe someone you know is ever in need of our services at Collage, hopefully this helps!

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