Pregnancy And Pot: Weed Out The Facts

Pregnancy And Pot: Weed Out The Facts

It may seem like smoking weed just isn’t a big deal anymore. But if you’re pregnant – or may become pregnant – there are some important things to know before you light up a joint.  

Having The Sexual Partner Talk

Having The Sexual Partner Talk

Talking honestly about our sexual histories can be awkward, at best, and downright terrifying, at worst. Maybe you’re worried your boyfriend or girlfriend will freak out about how high your number of past partners is or about some of your choices that were a little on the wild side. Or maybe you feel sick with anxiety when you think about knowing any information about your partner’s past…

Get to Know the Collage Staff: Brandi Hilyard

Get to Know the Collage Staff - Brandi Hilyard

Every so often we like to introduce you to someone on the Collage staff. This week we’d like you to get to know Brandi Hilyard.

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