Do you have a Healthy Relationship?

So, how exactly do you measure the “health” of a relationship? You can’t go to your family doctor and ask them to evaluate your relationship with your boyfriend…To save you time, here are some pointers on how to have a healthy dating relationship:

1. Be confident in who you are BEFORE getting into a relationship. It is very important to have self confidence because without it, it’s easy to identify your self worth in a relationship…which can be devastating if a break up occurs. 

2. Treat your significant other with respect and expect respect from your partner. You have value and you deserve to be with someone who is going to respect you!

3. Accept the fact that even healthy relationships don’t always work out. It’s okay if after a few dates, there are no “fireworks”. Moving forward, you now have a better idea of qualities that you are looking for in a future spouse. 

4. There is no room for ANY violent/abusive behavior. It is important to be able to communicate with your partner when something said or done has hurt you emotionally or physically. If the problem cannot be resolved in a timely manner or continues, the best thing to do would be to walk away. 

5. Without trust and mutual support, a relationship will crumble. You should be able to truly trust that your partner has your back and then be prepared to give the same kind of support in return. It’s also important to respect the fact that your partner will have other friends in his/her life. Give your partner the space they may need to maintain these friendships and take time to get to know these friends. 

6. Sexual boundaries should be discussed and agreed upon by both parties. It is crucial that you respect your significant other’s sexual boundaries. Have a conversation about what you are comfortable with before you find yourself in a compromising situation.

If your relationship is not based on respect, trust and love, you may want to look closely at it and your future together. It is never too late to leave an unhealthy relationship and secure the life that you deserve.” -Paula Roller,

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