What are the symptoms of Chlamydia for both men & women? How is it transferred? What kind of complications could I encounter if I am diagnosed with Chlamydia? Will it affect my fertility? What kind of treatment is available for Chlamydia? What should I do if my sexual partner shares with me that they have Chlamydia? How do I prevent contracting it? How often should I get screened for Chlamydia? As as gynecologist in Kearney, Dr. Michele shares the answers to these questions with her patients all the time. Check out her responses in the following video!

Want more info on Chlamydia? Check out Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The Medical Institute!


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Chais Meyer

Great Post!
I’ve never really understood the differences between the different STDs and having Dr. Michele speak to us through a video is a really great way of explaining the different topics.

Thanks again,
~Chais Meyer & The Control Yours Team

:: Side Note: You’re doing a great job on your website updates!

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Ericka —

I just found out I had chlamydia I was really angry with my husband we have 2children and I never had chlamydia until I went to the doctor and my husband said he never had anything to do with another girl but me we have 6years of marriage can I get chlamydia if he doesnt have a good hygiene can I get infected like that

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    Hi Ericka,

    I’m am so sorry for your situation and I can totally understand your confusion. No, you can not get chlamydia from having bad hygiene. You get chlamydia from having sex with someone who is infected with chlamydia. If you have had two children, I believe it’s pretty routine to check for STD’s during each pregnancy but I can’t guarantee they did. I would call your doctors office and try to get some records of tests they ran on you during those pregnancies. If they didn’t run STD tests, you could of had chlamydia for a long time and just not known it. Most likely they did but you could see the last time you were tested forr chlamydia and go from there. And I would have another heart to heart with your husband, if he’s the only one you’ve had sexual contact with. Again, so sorry for your hard situation and hope you get some answers!

    Collage Medical Team

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A. —

Hi, So i was infected with chlamydia and found out on almost 2 months ago, and I had taken the 1 day (4 dose) pill. Is it possible that my chlamydia didn’t go away? I didn’t change my underwear everyday so i’m paranoid that i still have the infection..?

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    Hi A.

    It sounds like you were treated the one dose of 1 gram of Azithromycin.
    That’s all you need to treat Chlamydia and you should be cleared of the
    infection. We make a point to really emphasize no sexual contact for 7-10
    days, that’s about how long it takes for the medication to fully clear all
    the Chlamydia bacteria in your system. If you do have sex within those
    days, you risk infecting other people and/or getting reinfected yourself if
    you have sex with someone who is infected.

    Otherwise, you should be cleared. Not changing underwear would not cause
    you to keep having Chlamydia. Some people do get retested after treatment
    to make sure they are cured which you could definitely do. It’s called a
    “test of cure”, so if you are paranoid, I may do that for peace of mind!

    Thanks for writing in and hope this was helpful!
    Collage Medical Team

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