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Every so often we like to introduce you to one of our Collage staff members or volunteers to help you get to know them a little bit. During these Q&A blogs we’ll ask them about their role at Collage, their families and we’ll try to give you an inside scoop into their lives to discover their favorite movies, most embarrassing moments or other fun things you’ll find interesting.

This week we want to introduce you to Darcy Hughes, one of our board members.


Thanks Darcy for taking time to answer a few questions that will let our blog readers get to know you. Let’s start with your favorite part about being involved with Collage. 

Definitely the people. Comfortable, honest, vulnerable, full of integrity people – I can and have trusted them.


Will you share a little about your professional background?

I attended University Nebraska Medical Center – BSN degree in nursing. I have worked 26 years as a nurse in pediatrics, NICU, genetics, home health, and diabetes education.


Twenty-six years, that’s a long time taking care of other people. When you’re not being a nurse, what to you do to take care of yourself or for fun?

Running – my favorite way to collect & organize my thoughts.

Having people come over (not entertaining-that stresses me out).

Reading – this year I want to read as many biographies as possible.

Watching tennis’ four grand slam tournaments every year

– my mom was a tennis coach & I got hooked.


Would you tell us a little about your family?

Married 31 years; three twenty-something girls, 2 delightful son-in-laws and two granddaughters.


What is your favorite thing about living in Central Nebraska?

I grew up in Wisconsin and always missed the trees and water, but now find there is nothing more peaceful than the prairie at sunset.


Let’s shift gears into some lighter, more fun questions. What is one thing that you are just absolutely no good at doing?

Small talk and mingling


What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?

Went on a medical trip to Ethiopia- said yes to a team from England that I didn’t know, to do an unspecified mission in the remote mountain areas – usually I like to be well-informed before I say yes to ANYTHING! Note to self – I’d do it again!


If you could eat one food for the rest of your life without getting sick of it, what would it be?

Popcorn: butter popcorn appetizer, cheese popcorn main dish, caramel corn for dessert.


It seems you’ve really thought this popcorn thing through. What is your favorite TV show or Movie?

I am a bit embarrassed to say I love a good Hallmark movie – I know they’re kinda sappy but I’m a sucker for a simple, predictable love story.


So if anyone comes to visit they should expect popcorn and tissues.  If you could hop on a plane today and fly anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Somewhere with waves and a beach


What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Juggled three small children, part-time job, starting a family business – age 30

Ran a marathon with my daughter – age 40

Studied 2 years and tested for additional nursing credentials – age 50

It’s never too late to dream of something more!


That is fantastic! We love that you are always up for a challenge. Do you have a most embarrassing moment you would share with our readers?

A doctor ordered a Johnny Walker for a patient. I made several calls to physical therapy places to try to find this special walker; finally someone had the heart to enlighten me that it is a mixed drink since he was detoxing. Poor guy was miserable while I was trying to be helpful.


What was the last spontaneous thing you did?

We have a sweet girl from Britain that has stayed with us a week here and there over the past years – last month we found out none of her family would be at her wedding so we found a bargain flight to California and were able to be “stand in” parents for her on a most important day in her life – an unbelievable privilege.


What a wonderful story and example of your care and love for people. Speaking of people, do you find yourself to be more of an extrovert or an introvert?

Introvert – I love being around and involved with people but need solitude to re-charge


What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Be authentic


That is great advice. Final question, what’s something most people don’t know about you?

I used to be tall! No really – I was a very tall 5th grader and then the genes ran out.


Darcy, you’ll always stand tall in our eyes. Thanks for making time for us and for all you do to serve Collage and our communities.

If there was something in the Q&A you liked we’d love to hear from you in the comments. We may even get Darcy  back to answer a few questions if you have any for her.



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