Get To Know The Collage Staff – Sarah Luke (Board Member)

Every few weeks we like to introduce you to one of our Collage staff members or volunteers to help you get to know them a little bit. During these Q&A blogs we’ll ask them about their role at Collage, their families and we’ll try to give you an inside scoop into their lives to discover their favorite movies, most embarrassing moments or other fun things you’ll find interesting.

This week we want to introduce you to Sarah Luke, one of our Board Members.

Collage Staff - Sarah Luke
Sarah, thanks for being willing to share a little about your background with our readers. What is your favorite thing about being involved with Collage?

It’s all about the people–the staff, volunteers, and the clients we serve. Investing in people’s lives is my favorite thing about being involved with Collage.


Will you tell us a bit about your education and professional background?

I received my BSN-RN from Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio. I worked as a pediatric nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital before leaving the nursing profession when my second son was on the way. I’ve been a stay at home mom ever since! I loved being a nurse, and believe my nursing background has been very useful to me as a mom.


You mentioned you are a stay at home mom, will you share a little about your family?

I’ve been married for 17 years to Derek, my college sweetheart! We met on the third day of our freshman year. 🙂 We have 3 sons, ages 15, 13, and 10, so one of my passions in life is raising boys. It’s never quiet with boys in the home!


Being a mom of three sons probably keeps you just a little busy. When you have some free time what hobbies do you enjoy?

Reading suspense/mystery novels, water skiing, and swimming.


What is your favorite thing about living in Central Nebraska?

I’m from the Chicago area, so living in Central Nebraska took some getting used to. Now I absolutely love the people. There’s nowhere else I’d rather raise a family! My other favorite thing about Nebraska is Harlan County Lake. It’s our favorite place to get away for the day…or for a few days!


What is one thing that you are just absolutely no good at doing?

One thing??? I can list a bunch! Sewing, scrapbooking, organizing, ironing, etc. Basically anything that requires detail and patience…


What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?

I said yes a few summers ago to becoming a camp counselor at Teen Reach Adventure Camp, which is a camp for teenage foster kids right here in Central Nebraska. But it’s turned out to be one of my greatest blessings.


We think you can learn a lot about someone from their entertainment choices. With that said, what is your favorite TV show or Movie?

Without a doubt, my favorite TV show is Castle.


Great show! Now be honest, what song or band is your guilty pleasure?

Ok, I love to play one particular song REALLY loud in my car. It’s called “Leave the Night On” by Sam Hunt.


We’d love to see that on video – maybe a GoPro dash cam? You could be the next viral YouTube video. Let’s change pace a bit. Would you share an accomplishment that are you most proud of?

In this moment, I’m proud to say I am loving my teenagers. I used to fear this phase of parenting. Little kids are naturally lovable to me, but teens?? Now I realize my teens are a lot of fun and I wouldn’t trade this season of my life for anything. That’s an accomplishment, right??!


What are some things that make you really happy?

Swimming in the ocean is the first thing that came to mind, since we’re so close to the ocean in Nebraska and all. 😉 Also, taking walks with my husband, having coffee with friends, movie nights with pizza, playing games with my boys, reading a good book, and being snowed in during a blizzard.


Do you have a most embarrassing moment you would share with our readers?

Oh my, how to I choose just one for this blog? One summer I attended a demolition derby with my husband and boys, since they begged me to come along. It was hot and loud and not my thing, but hey–my family wanted me to go, so I did. On one of my trips down the steps my feet slipped out from under me and down I went, slamming my low back on the bleacher and falling on top of an unsuspecting woman a few rows in front of me. Here’s a piece of advice: don’t wear flip flops to a demo derby!


What were the last 2 books you read?

Checkmate by Steven James and The Confession by Robert Whitlow.


Would you describe yourself as more of an introvert or an extrovert?

I’ve never liked this question, because I think I fit into both categories. I crave my alone time but I absolutely love being social with friends. Maybe I’m an intro-extrovert?


If you could eat one food for the rest of your life without getting sick of it, what would it be?



If you could hop on a plane today and fly anywhere in the world, where would you go?

San Diego, so I could swim in the ocean every day! I love San Diego, and my favorite time to be there is late August, September, and October. Waters are warm and there are not a lot of tourists. Today? I’d probably fly to Hawaii so I could swim in the ocean there.


Oceans, beaches – thanks now I’ve got Kenny Chesney songs stuck in my head. What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Enjoy the little moments, because one day you will look back and realize they are the big moments. My mom instilled this in me by the way she lives. Be present in this moment and your regrets will be few.


That is some great advice and it sounds like you have a pretty awesome mom. Do you have a favorite quote to share with us?

“A mother’s example sketches the outline of her child’s character.”


Wow, thanks for sharing that, it’s so true. Let’s close out the Q&A with one last question. What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I have a crazy good memory, which is really useful in life. Sometimes I use it for frivolous things, like fantasy football. Since joining a league with my brother a few years ago, I’ve learned and remembered more things about football players and the game of football than I ever thought possible.


Sarah, thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. If you liked something Sarah shared, or if you have any other questions for her, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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