A Heartfelt and Generous Gift for our Donors

Where the Wind Leads with Bows

Why would Vinh Chung, a Chinese skin cancer specialist in Colorado Springs, donate 200 copies of Where the Wind Leads to a group of people in central Nebraska? Because he knows full well what can happen if one person will allow their heart to be broken and have the courage and compassion to act on that burden.

At our recent fundraising banquets, author Tim Downs beautifully retold the Chung family’s incredibly story of loss, rescue and redemption, as recorded in Tim’s book, Where the Wind Leads. Vinh Chung was 3 years old when his entire family made the desperate decision to cast themselves out into the south China sea after the Vietnam war to avoid the harsh realities of communism. Facing death many times, they scanned the horizon everyday, praying that a ship would come sailing across and rescue them.

Stan Mooneyham was the President of World Vision at the time. He knew that the refugee problem was enormous but he felt burdened to help in any way he could so they bought a ship and set sail in search of refugees lost at sea. He was asked by a reporter, if in light of the size of the problem and World Vision’s limitations, did it really matter, did it really make a difference, or was it really just a futile gesture? Stan replied, “I don’t think it’s a futile gesture at all. I will grant you that we’re not doing everything for everybody but I gave up along time ago that as one person or one organization that we could do that. I simply accept the fact that we can do something for somebody, and I believe that is our responsibility.” The first refugees that World Vision rescued were the Chung family.

At our banquets, Tim creatively paralleled the refugee’s sense of loneliness, abandonment, anger and desperation with a woman who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant. In one day’s time with the result of a pregnancy test, a life is changed forever and a one-way voyage has begun with no going back.

This affects hundreds of thousands of girls every day. You have to wonder when you look at a situation so big, is there really anything that one person can do that will make a difference?

If you were to ask Vinh Chung today if one person can change the world, he’d say, one person changed his world. At Collage we’ve seen how lives have been moved from really dark places to places of hope and beauty because someone said, “Yes, I really can make a difference.”

Tim was so moved by what he saw Collage doing and the incredible support of our communities, that he contacted Vinh with a request. And as a thank you for your continued support, Vinh would like the generous people who gave a financial gift at one of our banquets, to receive a copy of he and Tim’s book, Where the Wind Leads.

And even in you weren’t able to attend a banquet but sent a gift in the mail, we’d love to give you this amazing book and thank you in person for having the courage and compassion to act on behalf of our clients.

Each of our Centers will have copies of Where the Wind Leads for the first 100 donors who stop by after Thursday, May 5th. Please come by in the mornings between 9:00-12:00 (Monday-Thursday) when we have fewer clients in the Center in order to respect their confidentiality.

Thank you again for your support and for believing along with us that there is beauty and value in everyone.

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