Only 10-25% of people infected with genital herpes are aware of their diagnosis (1).”

Herpes is a viral sexually transmitted diseases (STD) which means that it’s incurable. The disease, along with its uncomfortable symptoms, will be with someone for life once contracted. It’s important to know that herpes can be transmitted without any signs of an outbreak. Another fact to remember is that herpes can be spread simply through skin-to-skin contact meaning that someone can easily contract herpes through oral sex. Condoms do not give complete coverage of the genital area which means that herpes can be transmitted even if a condom is used during sexual intercourse.

As a gynecologist, Dr. Michele Krieger, our medical director at Collage Center, sees several different cases of STDs on a daily basis. Check out this short video to hear what she has to say about herpes…

1. Gupta, R, Warren, T & Wald, A (2007) ‘Genital Herpes’, The Lancet, December 22/29, 2007, Vol. 370: 2127-37

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Kimberly rendon —

Hello , I have a question. What if you had sex with someone who inherited herpes from their parents? What is the outcome for the women besides having herpes also? Is it just as bad or not. My boyfriend recently found out he had herpes because of a post which reminded him that when he was in highschool someone pointed out he had herpes because of a “cold sore” he asked his mother and his mother confirmed it saying that he got it from his father. He doesn’t have genital herpes but he has herpes. I’m shocked and scared so I would like to know more information about it . Thank you

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    Hi Kimberly,

    Good questions! Herpes can be a little confusing and I’ll do my best to try to explain things to you!

    First of all, there are two different types herpes, herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-2). Both these strains are viral and once you get them, you have the virus forever.

    HSV-1 is usually a virus acquired during childhood and has nothing to do with a sexual transmission. Most these outbreaks happen orally. Later on, if a person has oral sex with someone, they could possibly pass HSV-1 to another person but originally, HSV-1 is not the main STD of herpes.

    HSV-2 is almost always spread sexually and causes genital herpes. Sometimes if a mother has it during pregnancy, it can be passed to the infant during delivery also.

    I will link a few sights with more information but it seems to me that maybe your boyfriend might have HSV-1. If a friend saw it at school, it was probably an oral sore and if he got it from his Dad, maybe they thought it was a genetic thing and was passed down. Which he probably got it when he was a child from his Dad as kids tend to share and spread germs a bit more!

    Yes, you can also get HSV-1 if he has it. It’s most likely spread if you have contact with a sore but also can be spread with no apparent symptoms too. Many call these cold sores and they are common in many people.

    Here are those links for more information on herpes:

    Hope this helps! Good job seeking out answers to your questions!

    Collage Medical Team Member

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