I’m Pregnant…Now What?

If you’re pregnant and it wasn’t something you were planning on facing at this point in your life, take a few minutes to just breathe and remember that you have the gift of time. There’s no need to rush into a decision as to what comes next.

It’s important that you take time to look into all of your options so that you can make an informed choice. There’s no going back to undo what’s been done, but you do have control about what the next step will be.

Share the News

Before sharing your news, you may want to make a mental list of who needs to know about your pregnancy. It’s important to seek out family and friends during this time so that you don’t have to face everything by yourself.

Be prepared for mixed reactions. Despite opinions family or friends may have voiced to you before you were facing a pregnancy, give them a chance to respond to the news and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Consider the Timing

Go back to your mental list of people that you need to share your pregnancy news with. When would be the best time to tell them? It’s important not to feel rushed, so early morning when someone may need to get out the door may not be the best. Late at night may also be difficult because your family and friends will need time to process the news and they may have questions.

Where is the best place to tell someone? When it comes to telling the father, your friends or your family, there will probably be different locations that will work better. Think about your privacy as well as your comfort level. Choose a location that you will be comfortable in as you share your news, such as your house/apartment, a corner booth at a coffee shop or maybe a family member/friend’s house.

Be Prepared

As you ready yourself to tell the father, your family or friends, be prepared for their reactions but try not to hold too tightly to any preconceived ideas about how they will respond.

Remember that it took time for you to process the fact that you are pregnant, so give them time as well as they process the news. If you do find yourself facing a judgmental response, remind them how much you need their support.

You have the gift of time, no matter how someone may try to pressure you into a quick decision. Whether you will parent, abort or choose an adoption plan you can let them know that you are going to take the time to explore your options and make an informed decision.

Ask Yourself

What do I think about my options – abortion, adoption and parenting?”

What did I think about each of these options before I got pregnant?”

How will my choice affect my health? My heart? My future?”

How will I feel about my decision one year from now? Ten years from now?


This is your decision so don’t allow others to pressure you. Since you are the person who will live with the outcome of your decision, you deserve to be informed about all of your options so you can make a decision based on information instead of on feelings.

It’s normal to be a bit nervous about sharing the news of your pregnancy with the father, your family or friends, but always remember to surround yourself with people you can trust who love and care about you.

Take the Next Step

If you haven’t already confirmed your pregnancy with a doctor, we would be happy to schedule you for a free, lab quality pregnancy test at Collage Center. During this appointment you will also have an opportunity to talk about your options and ask questions.

If you’ve already confirmed your pregnancy at a clinic but are still trying to sort through your options, we would be happy to set up an appointment for you to talk with one of our peer counselors. You would have a chance to talk about each of your options and ask any questions you may have.

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