Meet Collage’s New Ultrasound Tech, Timaree Smith

Ultrasound Tech

This week we are sharing an interview with Timaree Smith, Collage’s new Ultrasound Tech. Timaree will be providing ultrasounds and warm smiles to the beautiful women she serves. Here is a little bit about her and her new role in helping women in Central Nebraska facing unplanned pregnancy.

Thanks Timaree for letting our community get to know you a little better.

Can you tell us a bit about your educational & professional background?

I graduated from Fort Hays State University with a Diagnostic Imaging degree.  Following this, I worked at Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln, NE for a year right out of college before transferring to Good Samaritan Hospital. Currently, I’m the Manager of the Noninvasive Cardiovascular Department.

Would you introduce us to your family?

I am married to a wonderful husband and father, Clint Smith. We are celebrating 8 years of marriage this week. We have twin boys, Jace and Kaden who just turned 4 and a 7-month-old daughter, Tinley.

What attracted you to Collage and your new role as our Ultrasound Tech? 

I have kind of thought the last 3 years or so that it was something I would really enjoy, so when I heard there was a need for someone to provide scans I jumped at the chance.

What are some of your passions? 

Passions, like a lot of things in life, change as life season’s change.  For my current season, my passions really are my children and making them smile.

What do you love most about living in central Nebraska and/or being involved in the community of Kearney? 

I really enjoy all the family we have in this area.  Also the small town atmosphere and close-knit friends we have make it a great place to raise kids.

Do you have a favorite quote you would like to share? 

I love a lot of quotes; I actually used to collect them.  My most recently found one is “Without change there would be no butterflies”.  Although change is sometimes hard and not always fun it often times results in something great and beautiful.

If you could have any super power which one would you want? 

No doubt, time manipulation. Most days I would love to freeze time or even create a few more hours because there is never enough hours in a day but there are some days that I would love to be able to speed through to the next day.

That sounds like a super power every mom would want. Just a few more questions and these are the hard ones… Are you a reader or music lover? 


And we all are curious about this one. What was the last thing you had for lunch? 

A cheeseburger and sweet potato chips

Sounds delish! Thanks again Timaree for taking the time to let our central Nebraska community get to know you.

If you or a friend finds yourself in an unplanned pregnancy please be sure to contact us to make an appointment at Collage. Our caring staff is here for you to offer support and confidential services, such as a pregnancy test and ultrasound, all in a safe environment.

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