During our annual banquets in Grand Island and Kearney we debuted our new “Moments” video that tells the story of how Collage serves our community. We wanted to share the video with you and let you know if you need help, we’re here, waiting to help you create beauty from the unexpected.


There is a moment,
as the darkening sky moves from pale orange to grey,
just as the last rays of the day’s light
are choked out by twilight’s grip.

There is a halting moment
when it seems all light will go out,
all hope will be lost,
and the whole world pauses to grasp a quick breath,
and watch the bruised clouds empty of their color.

It is in this moment that the full weight of the sky presses down hard
and seeks to take back that small amount of air in our lungs.

When this moment comes we are covered, completely and utterly engulfed by our situation.

And when that moment passes,
the sky splits,
and stars come into full bloom.

An exciting realization sets in
that beyond the death of this day
are swirling clouds of galaxies,
untold possibilities,
and beauty just beyond the horizon.

All that is left is to wait,
wait for the dawn.

This isn’t just about getting by,
or dealing with life.
This is about taking some of the darkest moments imaginable
and imagining unexpected beauty.

Collage – creating beauty from the unexpected.

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At Collage, we’ve experienced the restoration of beauty in our own lives, and that compels us to help others seek the beauty within them.

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