So Much To Be Thankful For


Have you recovered from the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie? We’re finally starting too. We hope that this Thanksgiving holiday was one where you were able to enjoy time with those you love and also spend some time reflecting on all those things you have to be thankful for. When you take the time to slow down and think about it, there is so much.

At Collage we wanted to take our weekly blog post to say thanks to everyone who makes what we do possible.

We believe that deep down there is beauty and value in everyone. Oftentimes we don’t see it, but it’s there. Maybe it’s buried in the rubble of past decisions or circumstances life has handed us. But no matter how badly we’ve been hurt or tarnished; the fact is that beauty remains, waiting to be uncovered.  And without other people who believe that, we couldn’t serve our communities the way we do.

Thank you to our supporters. As a non-profit we rely on the support of our communities and their belief that what we do matters. It matters to those we serve and it makes our communities better places. Some of these friends are individuals, some are faith-based organizations and some are businesses. Because of their support we have been able to serve both Kearney and Grand Island this year. We’ve also been able to expand our services to include STD testing and treatment. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough. We love and appreciate your encouragement and support.

Thank you to our volunteers. We have no idea what we would do without you. We know you are busy; that there are 100 other things you could be doing with your time, yet you believe so strongly in that beauty waiting to be discovered that you give and give and give.

Thank you to our staff. It is so great to be a part of a team that focus meeting others at what in some cases may be their darkest moments and helping them create beauty from those unexpected circumstances. Your genuine care for those we serve and for each other makes this a special place.

Most of all we want to thank our clients. Most of you were in difficult places, not sure what to do or where to turn. The trust you placed in us is something we take very seriously and will never take for granted. You made the brave decision to ask for help and we are thankful you allowed us to share in your story.

And we’re thankful for you. Thankful that you found us here on our blog or Facebook page. Thankful you’re taking the time to learn about what we do, and how we can help. Maybe it’s for you, maybe it’s for a friend. We want you to know that we truly appreciate you taking the time to read these words we write each week and we hope they have been helpful.

See, so much to be thankful for. Please let us know if we can ever serve you or a friend. That’s why we’re here, helping our community create beauty from the unexpected.

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At Collage, we’ve experienced the restoration of beauty in our own lives, and that compels us to help others seek the beauty within them.

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