Pregnancy Test

How long will the appointment take? 

The appointment will be 45 minutes to an hour with a patient advocate.

Can I bring someone with me? 

Absolutely! You can bring whoever you would like. It’s always good to have the support of friends or family during an uncertain time.

What will I do when I get there? 

First we’ll need you to provide a valid photo ID and fill out a couple forms. Then you’ll provide a urine sample that will be used to run the pregnancy test. You will have a chance to share with a patient advocate how you are feeling and ask the questions you may have in regards to your possible pregnancy.

Where is Collage located? 

We are on the corner of 2nd Avenue & 30th Street in Kearney, NE, next to US Bank. And we’re at 822 N. Diers Ave. in Grand Island, NE. Just look for Sonic and we’re right behind them in the Crane Centre.

Contact Information

At Collage, we’ve experienced the restoration of beauty in our own lives, and that compels us to help others seek the beauty within them.

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Kearney Office
3000 2nd Avenue Suite 100
Kearney, NE 68847

  • (308) 234-9880
  • Grand Island Office
    822 N. Diers Ave.
    Grand Island, NE 68803

  • (308) 675-2217