Six Signs He’s Mr. Wrong

Mr. Wrong

You’ve been dating for several weeks now. You really like him. It is getting serious and you’re almost ready to commit to maybe having him meet the fam over the holidays. But you’re starting to have some reservations. Is he Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?

At Collage we want support and encourage healthy relationships, so we’ve come up with a few things to help you determine if the guy you are with is a keeper or if you need to throw him back.

Here are six signs to be on the look out for in your guy to know if he’s Mr. Wrong.
  1. He doesn’t listen to you. Either he is constantly zoning out when you are talking to him, checking out his fantasy football standings, or texting his friends. It could also be maybe he watches TV or surfs the Internet instead of looking you in the eye. Some of this is normal, but constantly—no way girl you are worth more! If your guy is not giving you specific attention at times when it is important to you to be heard, he for sure is Mr. Wrong.
  2. He checks out other girls in front of you. This is a deal breaker. We’re not saying he shouldn’t notice other girls, but if someone else gets his attention and he keeps checking her out he is not the guy for you. You want a guy who appreciates you—both inside and out. If he treats other girls as objects and only looks at them for their outer beauty and then tries to see if you are jealous, this is not a good sign. He is moving into the Mr. Wrong category quickly.
  3. He tries to isolate you. Does he try to keep you from family and friends? He also may not want you to hang out with your close girlfriends any more. He may get jealous when you want to spend time with your sister. When you’re spending tons of time together in the beginning of the relationship, not seeing regular friends or family may be normal, but in time, you should get back into your grove of inner circle relationships. If he is Mr. Right he will be eager to fit right in, the same way you will with his friends and family. If he is Mr. Wrong he will do everything to keep others at bay.
  4. He doesn’t seem to trust you. You caught him looking at your phone or he checks up on you every couple of hours. He also may ask you all the time about who you have talked to and where you are going. Some of this is cute at the start of a relationship and playful, but if he keeps it up it can turn into possessive behavior. Be aware. Mr. Right trusts you and is secure enough not do this.
  5. He is always grumpy, to you and to others. If this is your guy then he is not Mr. Right. He’s a major Eeyore who is never going to be happy. He may even say things to you like, you make him happy or you are the only thing good in his life. This is even worse. You want a guy who can stand on his own. Who sees your presence in his life as an addition. You’re not his sole means of bliss. If he is a grumbling complaining whinny pants, run. Run far away.
  6. He tries to pressure you into a physical relationship before you’re ready. This is a major clue that he does not respect you or your personal boundaries. If he is Mr. Right he will be patient. He will not try to force you into anything you’re not ready for. Mr. Wrong is only looking out for himself.

So there you have it ladies. Six signs to tell if he is Mr. Wrong.

Do you have any others to add to the list? We would love to hear from you.

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James Augusta —

I have been refusing to have sex with my boyfriend, even when his sexual urges were strongly aroused by our kisses and tender touches. Now, he knows clearly that I do not want sex, so he avoids my kisses and touches so he doesn’t get sexually aroused. At times, he leaves the room when this feeling for sex comes so he doesn’t force me to do what I wouldn’t want to do. But I’m worried that he might not be happy staying and waiting patiently. What if he decides to leave the relationship?

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    I’m glad you reached out to us!

    It sounds like you’ve done a good job communicating that you aren’t ready for sex. It also sounds like your partner has worked hard to respect your boundaries. There are so many other ways to build intimacy, so why not focus on that? For example, go on new adventures, take up a new hobby you’d both enjoy – maybe even do something like take a cooking class together would be fun! Healthy relationships are built on things that are longer lasting than just the physical aspect. Things that will help you determine if your relationship can withstand the test of time beyond the physical like trust, respect, commitment, good communication, etc. Here’s a blog on healthy relationships you may find helpful…

    Someone once told me truth and time are on the same side. Stick to your convictions, if you do not want to have sex, and he chooses to leave the relationship because of this, then you’ll know he wasn’t the right partner for you. Think of the hurt and regret you’ll spare yourself. You deserve someone who will wait for you.

    I hope this helps! We wish you the best.

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