Summer Relationships

Summer Relationships

Finals are over and you’re ready to mentally check out. Summer is finally here, the weather is hot and so are the guys. For many, summer is the time for romance, hook ups, and maybe, just maybe, a lasting relationship. During the summer it’s easy to let your heart get involved before you’re head has a chance to think through the situation. Most of us have experienced a summer romance at some point and here are four things we’ve learned about summer relationships.

Don’t Settle for Good Enough

If the guy asking you out doesn’t fall into your normal “eligible to date” category, don’t cave to the pressure or your hormones just because he’s cute. Even if it is summer. You deserve better. If he’s not a guy you would want to get to know, then don’t say yes. Trust your instincts. And if he’s a jerk, you are going to be miserable. Period.

Do Have Fun But Be Safe

Be sure to have a game plan for when you go out on summer dates. If you’re dating someone new, don’t go out without others knowing where you’re going and when you’ll be coming back. Contrary to every Taylor Swift song, you may want to reconsider being alone with a guy you just met on a quiet country road. In realty seclusion can be dangerous, especially when you don’t know someone well. Always take extra cash and your cell phone in case you get stuck somewhere and need to call a friend or relative to pick you up.

Do Have Realistic Expectations

Remember singing along to the Grease song, Summer Lovin’? Come on – we’ve all done it. Well too many girls have this unrealistic expectation of nice long walks on the beach, holding hands and finding their forever soul mate in a summer relationship. If you go to a camp don’t obsess about every new guy you meet. We aren’t saying that can’t or won’t happen. Just don’t think that every encounter is an opportunity for you to find the perfect one for you. Relax!

Do Enjoy Time with Your Friends

Go out in groups. Hike, bike, and go on adventures with several of your friends. Use this summer to make memories that will last a lifetime. Spend some time getting to know new people. This is the time for fun! Enjoy the people who make you feel alive. These are the lasting relationships that will matter years from now. And who knows, maybe that someone special will be a good friend first.

At Collage we want to wish all of the students we serve at the local high schools in the Kearney and Grand Island areas as well as the students at UNK a wonderful summer. Stay tuned in to our blog and Facebook Page for updates and useful information. And if you need us over the next few months of summer, or this fall, we’ll be here for you.

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