Pregnancy and Infant Loss – Saying Goodbye

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

This past Wednesday was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. It’s not a day most people know about, let alone take time to recognize, but it’s an important day for those who have lost a child. At Collage, as we work with women and men facing the reality of an unplanned pregnancy, we also want to remember those in our community who are dealing with the loss of a child through miscarriage,…

Jenny’s Story


Last spring I feared I was pregnant with my second child and I found out about Collage from searching online.  I made an appointment, and with the help of a girlfriend, I walked in the doors… completely overwhelmed and not knowing what to do next.

I felt so helpless. My husband and I had moved to Nebraska and we had no money. I couldn’t manage with the one child I already had, how wer…

Unexpectedly Pregnant – Erica’s Story

Unexpectedly Pregnant - Erica's Story

Unexpectedly Pregnant

Erica* recently came to our office for an appointment. Her period was a week late and she started getting nervous. The guy she was with told her that if she was pregnant he was done. She started searching online for options. She was almost positive she would get an abortion.

A quick web search brought her to

Erica called for an appointment and…

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At Collage, we’ve experienced the restoration of beauty in our own lives, and that compels us to help others seek the beauty within them.

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