Unexpectedly Pregnant – Erica’s Story

Unexpectedly Pregnant - Erica's Story

Unexpectedly Pregnant

Erica* recently came to our office for an appointment. Her period was a week late and she started getting nervous. The guy she was with told her that if she was pregnant he was done. She started searching online for options. She was almost positive she would get an abortion.

A quick web search brought her to

Erica called for an appointment and came in to meet with our staff that week. Her pregnancy test came back confirming what she already knew to be true in her heart.


Her heart sank when she saw the test result. And then the tears began to fall.

Real Help

That afternoon her peer counselor listened to her fears and her disappointments and talked with her. Her counselor shared helpful information and went over all of her options, but more than that— she showed Erica that she was truly cared for.

Erica then scheduled a follow-up appointment for a few weeks later to get an ultrasound scan. Even though she had wanted it over right away, she realized it was in her best interest to take the time to find out if she even had a viable pregnancy, one that was likely to carry to term. Then she could also learn exactly how far along she was. And after all, it was free.

When she came back into Collage, Erica was still pretty sure she wanted to get an abortion. Being pregnant was not what she expected. She was only 20 years old. But yet she also had a feeling like, with the right support she could maybe go through with the pregnancy. She was pretty concerned about what the emotional toll of having an abortion could have on her later. Still, Erica’s boyfriend wasn’t sure if he wanted to be a father, so she was feeling terribly alone. She already worked two jobs. How in the world was she going to raise a baby?

Collage Offers Support

The Collage staff was there for her and provided Erica the much needed support she was searching for when she found us online. She told us that for a long time she thought she only had one option. Erica learned that she actually had several. She also began to trust the fact that we’ll continue to be there for her no matter what her choice.

Erica let us know that eventually she decided to carry her child to term. And while she is not sure yet if she is going to raise her child or place the baby for adoption, we’re offering Erica a safe place to sort that out.

No pressure. No guilt.

Just support.

Pregnant? Need Information? Call Us!

If you find yourself pregnant and in a situation similar to Erica’s or if you have a friend who is there right now, call us and schedule an appointment either in our Grand Island or Kearney office.  We will be a safe place to sort out all of the options.

No matter what you decide to do.


*Name changed for confidentiality

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