What is Monogamy?

Monogamy. The practice or state of having a sexual relationship with only one partner. Perhaps it sounds ancient and outdated. Maybe it’s not a sexual lifestyle you’ve ever considered. But there are several reasons why we think the benefits of monogamy are worth your consideration.

Choosing sexual monogamy within the context of marriage is going to be your best defense against negative physical and emotional sexual outcomes.  

We realize that many of you have already chosen to be sexually active and we want you to know that it’s not too late to choose a sexually pure lifestyle. For those of you who are considering whether or not to become sexually active, or those of you who want to return to sexual purity, this blog will give you reasons why we believe monogamy within the context of marriage is the best choice.

Only had a few sexual partners? You’re not in the clear…

Of course you’ve heard of STDs, but have you really given them much thought and the possibility of them actually affecting YOU? You might be thinking that since you’ve maybe only had four partners you’re not at a very high risk for contracting an STD. Think again!

If each of your partners has also had four partners, you’ve now been exposed to 15 people. The chart below shows that if you’ve had 12 partners, you’ve actually been exposed to 4,095 people! STDs can be physically painful and can cause infertility along with many other health problems. The only way to preserve your physical health against STDs is to practice lifelong monogamy with someone else who is choosing the same.


Sexual activity can affect your future marriage…

It is a common misconception that your sexual choices before marriage won’t affect you or your future spouse emotionally.  Imagine that you’re dating your future spouse. They possess all the qualities you ever dreamed of in a spouse and more.

Now imagine that this person has slept with 3 other people before they met you.  

  • They have given the most intimate form of love to people who weren’t you.  

Next, imagine that he or she decided you were worth waiting for and has not had any past sexual encounters.  

  • They don’t have expectations from past experiences that you may or may not meet. 
  • They don’t have any STDs to pass on to you.  
  • They’ve never shared that depth of intimacy with anyone because they wanted you to have it all. 

Which person would you choose?  Which person do you think your future spouse would choose?  

Waiting until your wedding night for sexual expression is the only sure way to protect the sexual health of your future marriage.

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