10 Signs He’s Mr. Right

10 Signs He's Mr Right

You’ve probably heard that you sometimes meet Mr. Right and you sometimes meet Mr. Right Now. So how do you know the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now?

We don’t know you or your exact situation, but there are some general indicators that the guy you’re with is a potential long-term partner. So here’s a list of signs that he might be Mr. Right:

1. He takes a genuine interest in you and your life. He asks about your day and then listens when you talk about it. He wants to know about your hopes and dreams and goals. And then he supports you as you work toward them.

2. He remembers details about you. Last month, you told him you loved Gerbera daisies, so today he showed up at your doorstep with a bouquet of Gerbera daisies. Mr. Right won’t be perfect, but he will remember your birthday and your favorite color and what foods you say you like and dislike. Because you’re important to him, he’ll remember the things that are important to you.

3. He’s honest with you. He won’t keep secrets from you. And he won’t lie to you.

4. He tells you how he feels about you. Mr. Right won’t be playing games. And he won’t be too cool to tell you how much he loves you. He’ll tell you how he feels so you don’t have to wonder.

5. He has similar goals and values. You have the same goals about where to live and what kind of lifestyle you hope to have. You have the same plans for whether or not to have kids or how many kids you want to have. If he’s Mr. Right, you’ll have the same beliefs about God and the same core values.

6. He gets along well with your family and friends. And you get along well with his. If he’s Mr. Right, you’ll be in this for the long haul, and it’s important that your family and friends love him and vice versa.

7. He makes plans for the future with you in mind. When he talks about the holidays next month or summer vacation next year or a 10-year plan, you’re part of it all. If he’s not planning for a future with you in mind, then maybe he’s not Mr. Right.

8. He’s not interested in any other women. If he’s Mr. Right, he’ll be committed to you completely. He won’t be keeping any options open. Mr. Right will change his Facebook status to “in a relationship” and post pictures with you on social media. He’ll deactivate his Tinder. He’ll be obviously unavailable to other women.

9. He’s respectful to other people. How does he treat his mother? How about his sister? The way he treats the women in his life is a pretty good indicator of the way he’ll treat you.

10. He inspires you to be the best you. Mr. Right will bring out the best in you. He challenges you and believes in you. He makes you want to be the wonderful person he believes you are.

You’ll never find the perfect man. Nobody’s perfect. But you don’t have to settle for Mr. Right Now. You’re definitely worth holding out for Mr. Right.

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