6 Relationship Tips for Teen Guys

6 Relationship Tips for Teen Guys

There are tons of articles and blog posts about relationship advice for teen girls, but tips on how to have a healthy relationship are something guys need as well. If you’re looking for ways to attract and keep the attention of that girl you have a crush on, here are 6 relationship tips for teen guys you should pay attention to.

6 Relationships Tips for Teen Guys

#1 Find a Friend

This is our top tip for guys who are interested in a relationship. You need to become friends with someone before you can get serious about having a relationship with them. We’re not saying date your best girl friend, unless that’s who you secretly have a crush on. We’re saying you should find someone you enjoy spending time with, someone with similar interests and get to know them. It’s amazing how that friendship can provide a great foundation for a romantic relationship.

#2 Man Up

It’s time to step up your maturity game. We’re not saying you have to toss your X-Box, quit hanging out with your guy friends, or anything like that. What we mean is it’s time to be mature. Carry yourself with confidence (and just for the record, there’s a big difference between confidence and cockiness), and don’t get caught up in the drama. Being mature is very attractive to young women.

#3 Manners Matter

We know, today’s girls are independent, but that doesn’t mean you can leave your manners at home when you go out on a date. Opening a door, pulling out a chair, standing when your date enters or leaves a room are signs of respect and ways to show her that you value her and want to put her needs ahead of yours. Plus, it’s what gentlemen do.

#4 Give her Compliments

But make them genuine. Sure ever girl likes to hear she’s beautiful, but that’s the easy way out. Don’t just compliment her on her appearance, let her know those little things you notice and appreciate about her. Funny thing is, when you do this, she’ll usually return the favor and this communication will depend your relationship.

#5 No Pressure

One of the keys to developing a healthy long-term relationship is that you don’t pressure her to do things she isn’t ready to do. Selfish behavior like this is a sign that you’re not putting her first, and should serve as a red flag to her that this relationship isn’t headed in the right direction.

#6 Take it Easy

This one ties into the last tip, but there’s no rush. Remember tip #1 about being friends first. Take some time to get to know each other, talk about the things that are important to you, values, beliefs, life goals, and dreams. These conversations will make sure you are both on the same page and headed in the same direction.

So what do you think? We want to hear from the guys and the girls? Do you agree with these relationship tips for teen guys? Do you have any others that you’ve found work to help have healthy long-term relationship? Let us know in the comments.

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