Ask Collage – Pregnancy (Miscarriage) and Infant Loss

Ask Collage - Pregnancy (Miscarriage) and Infant Loss Gaye

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and our team at Collage knows this is a painful subject for many in our community. We hope this message from Gaye, our Executive Director, will help bring healing and hope.

Hi! I’m Gaye Tillotson and I’m the Executive Director here at Collage.

I don’t typically visit with clients anymore because t…

Is That Cold Sore Really Herpes?

Is that cold sore really herpes?

Is that cold sore really herpes? What’s the difference between a cold sore and genital herpes? Is there even a difference?

Maybe you’re confused. Someone has referred to a cold sore as herpes, but isn’t herpes an STD (sexually transmitted disease)? And even little kids can get cold sores. So what’s that all about?

Those are all good questions. Let’s sort this out.


Get to Know the Collage Staff: Jonathan Lumbard

Jonathan Lumbard Collage Staff

Every so often we like to introduce you to one of our Collage staff members or volunteers to help you get to know them a little bit. During these Q&A blogs, we’ll ask them about their role at Collage, their families and we’ll try to give you an inside scoop into their lives to discover their favorite movies, most embarrassing moments or other fun things you’ll find…

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