Welcome Back! Blue and Gold Day 2017

Blue and Gold Day 2017

Welcome Back UNK Students!
We can’t believe it’s that time of year already! UNK’s Blue and Gold Day was yesterday and Collage was on campus to welcome students back to Kearney.

Blue and Gold Day is one of our favorite days of the year because we get to spend time meeting both new and returning students and sharing about the work of Collage and letting them know we will be there if they ever…

Abstinence, Purity, Chastity – What do you think of when you hear those words?

Abstinence, Purity, Chastity

Sometimes, when we talk, we use words and we assume everyone has the same understanding of the words. But this can lead to misunderstandings. So occasionally, we need to pause and clarify what we mean.

Today, let’s pause and clarify what we mean when we use the words abstinence, purity, and chastity in regards to sexual activity.

The most common definition of sexual abstinence is not…

Ask Collage – Can I Get an Ultrasound to Determine the Sex of my Baby?

Ask Collage - Can I Get an Ultrasound to Determine the Sex of my Baby?

Hey everyone! I’m Joey, the Center Director and ultrasound tech for Collage here in Grand Island. I just had a client ask me if she can come back when she is 20 weeks for another ultrasound to help figure out what the sex of her baby is.

So, I just want to put a quick reminder out there to let you know that the purpose of our ultrasound here at Collage is…

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