Considering Having an Abortion?

Considering Having an Abortion

You’re pregnant and you weren’t planning for this at all. You aren’t sure what to do, and you’re considering having an abortion.

This is probably a very scary, very overwhelming time for you. We want you to know that you don’t have to walk through this alone.

First, take a deep breath. Are you sure you’re pregnant? Even if you’ve had a positive pregnancy test, the way to absolutely confirm a pregnancy is with an ultrasound. If you think you’re pregnant, we can meet with you to do a medical assessment and see if you’re a good candidate for an ultrasound.

Next, take your time to think through your decision. You might feel like abortion is your only option, but you don’t have to rush into a decision. Here are some questions that might help as you weigh your options.

* Are you being led by fear right now? Sometimes fear causes us to respond differently than we would under other circumstances. Take some time to let your initial fear subside before you make a final decision.

* Do you have someone to talk to? Find someone who will listen and not judge you. Most importantly, talk to someone who won’t coerce you into a decision. If you don’t have somebody to talk to, our staff would be glad to be that listening ear for you. We’ll care for you as best we can, no matter what.

* Are you being coerced or pressured? If women are pressured or forced into an abortion, many regret it later because they feel like the choice wasn’t really theirs. We don’t want you to make this important decision because someone is pressuring you.

* Do you know what to expect with an abortion? Like any other medical procedure, abortion has potential physical risks and side effects. Before any medical procedure, it’s important to know what the possible side effects and risks are. Ask questions and do research on trusted sites so you’re educated about what will happen or what could happen to your body during and after an abortion. One of our advocates can help answer these questions for you.

* How pregnant are you? Your stage of pregnancy will affect the type of abortion you can have and how much it will cost and what risks are associated with it. An ultrasound can reveal how far along you are in your pregnancy.

* Does your decision line up with what you believe is most important in life? Take inventory of your own values and morals. Would an abortion line up with what you value and with your beliefs about right and wrong?

* What are the other options? We’d encourage you to make a list of all options — having and raising the baby yourself, having and raising the baby with the help of your support system, having the baby and placing the baby for adoption, or having an abortion. Consider making a list of the pros and cons of each option. Have a trusted friend or family member or advisor help you with these lists. That person may be able to think a little more objectively about the pros and cons than you can right now.

This is a life-changing decision. You deserve to take all the time you need to learn all the information and consider every option. You also deserve to have someone to walk with you through this decision – someone who won’t judge you or pressure you, someone who has nothing to lose or gain from your decision.

At Collage, we really care about you. This might be a very frightening, overwhelming time for you, but you don’t have to face it all alone. We’re good listeners so feel free to call us to schedule a time to come in and talk with one of our staff members.

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