My friend had an abortion – what should I do?

Has a friend ever confided in you that they have experienced an abortion? Maybe a friend asks you to keep it a secret that she and her boyfriend decided to end a pregnancy. Maybe a guy you know tells you that his girlfriend had one without even telling him about it until after the fact. Whatever the situation, as a friend, you have the power to reach out and help. 

What’s the first step?

Listen to your friend. Don’t prod, but be available to listen to how they may be feeling in the aftermath of their experience. Allow them to unpack their emotions.

It may take time…

Don’t be surprised if your friend tells you weeks, months or even years after it happened. Be careful not to react strongly with your opinion because they are most likely hurting and just need someone to listen as they process how they may be feeling. 

You are not alone!

It most likely won’t take long for you to realize that your friend needs more than you may be able to give. That is where Collage Center can help. We have trained staff who can meet with your friend, allow them talk about their experience and what opportunities there are for healing from the hurt that may be present in their life. Women would be able to meet with a woman staff member and men would be able to meet with another man who has walked down the road of abortion before and found hope through our support group. 

After Abortion Help

The support groups that are available at Collage Center for women and men who have experienced abortion are free and confidential. The women’s support group meets as a group and the men’s support group is one on one. Only the staff that help facilitate the groups actually know who the participants are. 

If you have a friend who would benefit from our After Abortion Help, give them our phone number, website or email address to find out more information. If they want to stop in, they can bring you along if they don’t want to come alone. Your friend needs closure and you could be the one to introduce them to hope. 


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