Is a Pregnancy App Enough?

Is a Pregnancy App Enough?

There’s an App for That

In today’s always-connected world, you can do almost everything from your phone, including finding out if your pregnant. That’s right, there’s an app for that. The good news, it doesn’t involve peeing on your phone. Pregnancy Pro from First Response claims to be the first and only Bluetooth wireless enabled pregnancy test.

Taking advantage of the trend towards connected health, the pregnancy app can help guide women through the process of testing and provide not only the result but also additional information based on that result. You’ll be asked to input data, like your last period, age and whether you’re trying to get pregnant. This lets the app help calculate an estimated due date and also tells it whether congratulations are in order should the test come back positive.

It seems much of the information is geared toward women who want to be pregnant, simply instructing women who weren’t trying to seek a doctor’s professional advice.


Is an App Enough?

While we love technology, and can see how this new app will assist women, we also know that taking a pregnancy test can be one of the most nerve racking things you will ever do. We also know that taking a test when you were not expecting to be pregnant and getting a positive result can be overwhelming. There’s not a pregnancy app for that.

When confronted with an unexpected pregnancy, most women need someone to talk to. Someone safe who will listen, someone who will help them process the emotions – fear, guilt, anger, and confusion. Someone who will eventually help them look at all their options and help them determine what is best for them. While a pregnancy app may be good at helping you find out if you’re pregnant, it can’t compete with a living breathing, caring person when it comes to helping women who are facing an unexpected pregnancy.


We’re Here to Help

That’s why we’re here. At Collage our promise is simple.  We’ll be a safe place: a place of hope and restoration…a place where those facing an unexpected pregnancy, a struggle with a past pregnancy decision or even a sexual health issue can begin to discover beauty despite their circumstances.

If you think you’re pregnant and you’re not sure what to do, we’d love to talk. Give us a call at (308) 234-9880 in Kearney or (308) 675-2217 in Grand Island to schedule an appointment. All of our services are complimentary, provided by our supporters at no cost to you.




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