Lose Those Baby Blues

Baby Blues

It’s been a struggle, but you’ve made the decision to parent. You knew it was the right one for you. But now you’re home, it’s been a few days and you feel like you’re an emotional wreck.

The crying…the moodiness. At any given minute you go from extreme love and joy for your new baby, to wanting to rip someone’s head off. The emotional roller coaster can feel relentless after childbirth.

You’re not alone. Hormone changes, extreme exhaustion and feeling like you’re physically and emotionally overwhelmed are normal. We wanted to give you practical advice so Collage recently asked some new moms to share their best tips on how to lose those baby blues.

Before we share this advice, one thing to note is the baby blues usually happen a few days after giving birth and can last a few weeks. If you are experiencing extreme forms of depression over a longer period of time, you may be suffering from postpartum depression. You aren’t a bad mother for feeling this way. This is simply a complication that affects a number of women after childbirth. If you show symptoms of postpartum depression you need to see a medical professional. This will help you manage your symptoms and enjoy your baby.

So what did our new moms suggest for battling the baby blues? Here’s their advice in their own words. We think the practical tips they shared are pretty awesome!

I would say that women need to know that it’s okay to feel blue, that not every mommy will be head over heels in love with their babies, that babies can be kind of strange and ugly when they are born. Also keep in mind that you aren’t born a mother, you become one over time. It’s okay to ask for help from others, and it’s okay to put the baby in the car seat in the bathroom while you shower.

Get out of the house and go for a walk. Let a friend or parent take the baby for a little while and get some time for you. Talk to someone. If you are feeling something, don’t pretend that it isn’t real. Remember that even though it feels impossible it WILL get better. And above all, remember that if it gets bad enough, absolutely seek help.

Everyone says it, but rest when the baby rests. Don’t feel guilty about this! You need sleep. Don’t be temped to text, be on a computer, or watch TV when the baby naps. Take a nap as well.

Get sunshine. Join a positive mom’s Facebook group that can cheer you on even when you feel trapped inside

Get out of the house at least once every day. I hate to say it, but going to my local big box store and just walking around with the baby tucked in her car seat in the cart saved my sanity some days.

Take a shower everyday. No matter what! This will help you to feel human.

Consider food and nutrition. The body of a pregnant or nursing woman should first be concerned with sustaining your little one. It is imperative that you stay well hydrated and fed. Too many new moms focus on immediately losing pregnancy weight, and they deny themselves.

Don’t say no to free meals! Freeze some of them early on, so that you don’t have to cook later.

If you’re a mom, you may have some ideas to share that have helped you lose the baby blues. Please be sure to leave your ideas in the comments section to help other readers.

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