Six Signs You’ve Found the Wrong One

You might’ve just met somebody that you’re interested in. Maybe you’ve had a few dates or hung out occasionally. Regardless of where you’re at in this relationship, you might wonder if they’re right or wrong for you. Should you continue pursuing the relationship or pump the brakes?

We believe in encouraging and supporting healthy relationships. However, sometimes it takes a pros and cons list to reveal possible concerning characteristics. 

Here are a few signs to be on the lookout for when deciding if you’re in a relationship with a Miss. or Mr. Wrong:

  1. Lack of listening skills.

Have you ever told a story and realized that nobody has been listening? That’s frustrating and can cause a lot of self-doubts. Maybe you find your significant other zoning out, checking social media, or texting friends while you’re trying to speak. These traits are acceptable in small amounts, but if it’s constantly happening…well, they’re not worth it! This is a sign that you might be in the wrong relationship.

  1. Exclusivity concerns.

Notice wandering eyes when an attractive person walks by? It’s not wrong to notice somebody, but it can be concerning if it turns into lingering glances. Most of us want a boyfriend or girlfriend that will appreciate us from both the inside and out. It’s a red flag if you’re being treated as an object or if it seems like outer beauty is their only interest.

  1. Creating isolation.

You might enjoy hanging out with multiple friends or family during your free time. It’s healthy to have those diverse relationships. Unfortunately, some individuals may get jealous of you spending time with other people. They might try to keep you from seeing your regular friends or family. When this happens, you can feel isolated and out of touch with your other relationships. If this person is the right one for you, they’ll want you to hang out with others, with or without them tagging along. You need to consider ending the relationship if you see evidence of controlling behavior.

  1. Trust issues.

Sometimes boyfriends and girlfriends have trust issues because of previous relationships. Looking through your phone or constantly checking up on you are warning signs of a lack of trust. It may have started off cute and playful, but this can quickly evolve into possessive behavior. When somebody starts dominating, their behaviors can quickly escalate from just checking up on you to invading your privacy. If your new significant other is not secure enough to trust you, it’s time to move on.

  1. Moody, grumpy, and rude.

We all have those days when we’re just not fun to be around. That’s called being human. If you start noticing that you’re dating an Eeyore who seems never to be happy, that can be exhausting. Although it feels great to have somebody tell you that you ‘made their day,’ it’s not healthy to be in a relationship where they tell you that ‘you’re the only good thing in their life.’ You want a person who can stand on their own, who sees your presence in their life as an addition, not a lifeline. If you’re the sole means of happiness for this individual, value yourself enough to part ways. 

  1. Unwanted pressure.

There will probably come a time in new or established relationships where the physical relationship boundaries conversation comes up. Everybody has different limits that they’d prefer within a romantic relationship. Suppose your partner starts pressuring you to cross those personal lines. In that case, that’s a significant clue that they don’t respect your decisions. If they’re the right person for you, they’ll be patient and not try to force you into something you’re not ready for. Somebody who only looks out for themselves is a red flag for a trusting relationship.

All relationships are tricky. Whether looking at a potential relationship or already dating, it’s wise to evaluate whether it’s healthy or unhealthy. You deserve to be in a beneficial, uplifting relationship where you can feel free to be who you are. So stay strong and take time to notice the wrong.

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