Stressing About Your Body Image During Pregnancy?

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You may be just a few weeks or months along, and your body feels like it has been invaded. Your boobs might hurt, you may feel sick to your stomach, or you may seem like you’re peeing every hour of the day. You may not see any significant changes yet, but you know the day is coming when you’re going to look puffy and might not be able to see your feet anymore. 

Your body is going through a journey of changes, and it’s normal to be scared or concerned about how this pregnancy might make you look and feel. Choosing not to stress about your body image during this time can be freeing.

What are some good body image practices to have during your pregnancy?

  1. Prepare Your Mind for the Physical Changes

Your body starts to change from the very beginning of pregnancy. A lot is going on in there with that developing baby of yours. The sooner you understand what’s physically happening, the faster you can prepare yourself emotionally for those changes. 

 There seems to be an overwhelming amount to learn about your changing body and what it needs to support your baby. Medical blogs can be an excellent resource for learning more about your developing body. Collage also has some great materials in our offices that are available to pick up when you come in for your appointment. Although it may seem daunting, the more you know, the less scary these changes will be when your body starts preparing for birth.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Pregnancy is NOT the time to go on a diet or overeat. “I don’t want to get fat!” is a commonly voiced concern. Pregnancy isn’t like getting that freshman 15; your weight gain has a purpose. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to pregnancy weight gain. Your pre-pregnancy weight, body mass index (BMI), and overall health play a role in what weight gain is right for you.1

Eating healthy promotes good weight gain and provides the nutrition both your body and baby need to grow. Our blog post, Three Types of Food to Avoid While Pregnant, has some great information about eating healthy during pregnancy.

Eating unhealthily or having an eating disorder can cause multiple complications during pregnancy; some of these can include:

  •   Premature labor
  •   Low birth weight
  •   Stillbirth or fetal death
  •   Increased risk of cesarean birth
  •   Delayed fetal growth
  •   Respiratory problems
  •   Gestational diabetes
  •   Complications during labor
  •   Depression
  •   Miscarriage
  •   Preeclampsia

Approximately seven million women in the US struggle with an eating disorder. If this is you, we highly encourage you to share this information with your doctor. The more your health care professional understands you and your nutritional and emotional needs, the more they can provide the care you deserve. These facts can seem scary and overwhelming. Be reassured that women who battle eating disorders can have healthy babies if they maintain normal weight gain throughout pregnancy.2

  1. Get Support and Stay Positive

Staying positive about your body during this time can be difficult. Avoid comparing yourself to others, especially while you’re pregnant. Your body is going through an amazing journey of development; learn to see the beauty in that. Even if that beauty sometimes comes in a round belly, swollen ankles, and puffy face.

 What you’re doing is challenging and brave. We know that during this time, it’s tough to see that you’re developing a strength that will make you more beautiful than you already are! Sometimes, it can be hard to find support, but we’re here to answer the hard questions, believe in you, and be your encourager.

 Remember, your body is beautiful before, during, and after pregnancy.

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