7 Ways Pregnant Women Can Stay Cool This Summer

7 Ways Pregnant Women Can Stay Cool This Summer

Summer in Nebraska is hot. Really hot. Like Africa hot. And if you’re pregnant it can seem even hotter. Add in a little humidity and it can make being pregnant in the summer feel um, should we dare to say…uncomfortable? We understand the quest for the tiniest bit of shade and the slightest breeze.

Sometimes even those aren’t enough. Extreme heat calls for extreme measures and Collage is here to help with a few ideas to help you beat the heat.

7 Ways Pregnant Women Can Stay Cool This Summer

1. Avoid Extreme Exposure

Heat can sneak up on you. When you’re pregnant your body is already toasty, but if you’re out in the sun for your body can overheat super quick. Plan on staying home during the hottest times of the day (10AM-3PM) and avoid overdoing the physical activity. If you do go out, make sure you have sunscreen on that is over SPF15. Also avoid extremely hot locations during these peak times that may not have someplace available for you to escape the heat like amusement parks, concert venues, or fairs.

2. Naptime!

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your body when you’re pregnant is rest. A hammock under a shade tree on a breezy day can be perfect. Or even better, a dark room with the AC cranked up when the temps hit the 90s.  In a few months you’ll be glad you took time for that nap now.

3. Cold Wash Cloths

Ok this one may seem a bit silly, but they work. By putting cold compresses on your forehead and neck you can cool down in a pinch.  You can also put wash cloths in the freezer and pull them out when you feel like you can’t take the heat anymore. Your baby will thank you!

4. Stay Hydrated

It’s important to drink water when you are pregnant anytime of year, but especially in the summer. We know, you’re already peeing a lot, but you still need to drink more water. Drink before you’re thirsty, because by that point you’re already dehydrated. Also to mix things up a bit, try drinking juice, eating popsicles, and making smoothies with fruit in addition to plain water.  By doing this you will avoid headaches, swelling, and dizziness.

5. Go Swimming

Yes, you heard us. This is not the time to hide the baby bump. Get in the pool! It will cool you down and it is great form of exercise because it’s low impact to your body. So take a deep breath, you can do it. Go swimming.

6. Movie Marathon

Another thing you can do to keep from getting overheated in the summer while pregnant is going to the movies. Seriously, is there anything better in the summer than walking into an air-conditioned theater? Maybe you can’t afford the theater. Then have a movie marathon at home. Complete with AC or fan and lots of pillows to prop up your feet.

7. Clothing

This is one tip you may not have thought of, but to keep cool this summer make sure you wear cotton and other lightweight and breathable fabrics.

One last way to stay cool is to come by the Collage offices in Kearney and Grand Island to say hello. We would love to give you cool drink and talk with you about how your pregnancy is going.

We know we didn’t cover everything, so we want to hear your best tips for how pregnant women can stay cool this summer in the comments. What’s your favorite way to cool off?

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LeAnne —

I like to roll my feet on frozen water bottles. It’s like getting an icy foot massage!

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