How To Be Ms. Right

How To Be Ms. RightBeing single in our culture can be difficult. The expectation seems to be that we’ll find our perfect match, pair up, and live happily ever after. But life doesn’t always pan out that way and sometimes becoming Ms. Right is the first step to finding Mr. Right. 

It can be tempting to feel like we’re in a holding pattern, waiting on Mr. Right to show up before life really begins. But that’s not how it works. Life isn’t waiting on a man to show up. Life is happening right now. 

How can you become Ms. Right? – so that you’ll be ready for love if the right person comes along and so that you’ll be living your fullest life in the meantime.

  • Know yourself. Spend some time discovering your own strengths and what motivates you or inspires you. Figure out what your personality type is and how you most effectively interact with other personalities. You won’t be ready to create a healthy relationship with someone else unless you really know yourself. 
  • Like yourself. It’s important to have a healthy sense of self-worth. If you don’t believe in your own worth, you won’t be able to establish a strong relationship with healthy boundaries. What makes you special? What do you like about yourself? What are you good at? What do other people say they like about you? Make notes of those things and practice self-affirmations each day. 
  • Grow yourself. This is a good time to process any leftover feelings from past relationships or to learn from any past experiences. Read some personal development books or work with a counselor to heal from any past hurts so that you’re ready to enter a relationship when the right person comes along. 
  • Date yourself. You don’t have to have a partner to go out and do things you enjoy. Go see that movie. Enjoy that new restaurant. Go on a hike. Try out that new hobby. Grab some friends to join you or spend some quality time alone — but don’t put your life on hold waiting for someone to come along. Go ahead and have fun! This has the added benefit of making you a more interesting person when you do meet potential dates. 
  • Invest yourself. Figure out what your passions are, what you care about, then invest yourself in those things. Volunteer in your community. Take that class. Give to that cause. You have the time and the energy now to invest yourself in something bigger than yourself. And who knows? Maybe you’ll meet someone who cares about the same things you do!
  • Nurture yourself. Take good care of your physical health. Establish healthy habits for eating and exercise. Take care of your body — have yearly exams and talk with your doctor about maintaining good health. 
  • Honor yourself. It’s OK to have standards and hold to them. Honor your own values and don’t settle for a relationship that is less than what you really desire. You deserve to have a relationship that is filled with honesty and respect and love and clear communication and healthy boundaries. Honor yourself enough to hold out for that. 

If the right person comes along, then you’ll be ready to begin a relationship. And no matter what, you’ll be strong and secure in who you are. You might become Ms. Right for someone else, but you’ll definitely be Ms. Right for yourself. And that’s most important. 

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