I Think I’m Pregnant, When Should I Get An Ultrasound?


The Pregnancy Test is Positive

You’ve taken a home pregnancy test. Twice.

Both came back positive.

This was not what you expected.

Getting pregnant was the last thing you were thinking about.


You have a million questions. Questions like…

How could this happen?

How do I tell him?

How do I tell my parents?

Am I really pregnant?

Should I try to find out how far along I am?

Am I physically OK?

What do I do next?


Limited OB Ultrasound

At Collage we offer free limited OB Ultrasound as a service to help confirm that you actually are pregnant. For sure.

We have medical professionals who will utilize a state of the art 4-D ultrasound machines to confirm that you have an in utero pregnancy (meaning a pregnancy likely to carry to term).

No more guessing.

You will know for sure.

First, we will have you answer a few questions and take a pregnancy test here in the office. If it comes back positive, then we’ll schedule you for an ultrasound. After the scan you will also have an opportunity to talk with someone about all of your options. Our medical staff will give you the information and the time to process what’s going on. They will also be able to give you referral options for any additional services you may need in Kearney and Grand Island.


Who Can I Bring With Me?

You can bring your friends. You can bring your boyfriend, you can bring who ever you want to help make you comfortable.

Getting an ultrasound is the first step after a positive pregnancy test to confirm that you are indeed pregnant and to allow you to begin to process and make plans for the future.

So call us and schedule that appointment. We’re here to listen, to confirm your pregnancy and to help you understand all your options, all in the comfort of our beautiful offices.


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