Is Sexting Really That Big of a Deal?

Is Sexting Really That Big of a Deal

If you haven’t done it, you probably know someone who has. Sexting, or sending suggestive, nude or sexually explicit photos to someone via phone or computer isn’t just a teen issue. And while you might think it’s harmless, that photo snapped and sent in a matter of seconds can have life-long consequences. We’re not trying to scare you. Well, maybe just a little, because we care about you and your future.

So, before you push the button, here are some things you might want to think about.

What are the consequences if the photo gets shared beyond the person you’re sending it to? Seriously? Obviously you think you can trust that person, or you wouldn’t be sending it. But things change and that photo will last forever. What happens when you have a fight, or break up? Take a second and picture who they might send it too. How does that make you feel? And what will they do with it? Pass it on to more friends, post it to a website? Once you hit send you’ve lost all control of where that pic will end up. Are you ready for your parents, friends and teachers to see it? What about your younger brothers or sisters?

Think that would never happen? Maybe. But check out this teen’s story about how sexting can go wrong quickly. And the consequences can go beyond just embarrassment. What happens when the pic shows up on the screen of a college admissions counselor? Will it keep you out of the college you want to attend? Or, maybe it shows up in a background check during an interview process for a new job. Hopefully, these things never happen. But they could. Is it worth the risk?

If the potential for embarrassment and the possible risks to your career aren’t enough to convince you that sexting isn’t the best idea, you may also want to consider the legal consequences. These differ from state-to-state and country-to-country, but in some places if either the sender or the receiver of the pic is under 18 you can be prosecuted for child pornography. That means you would end up on a sex offender registry and that follows you for your entire life because you have to register every time you move and the records are public. We’re sure most people don’t think about that before snapping a nude and texting it, but they should if either person is underage, and especially if one is over 18. It’s just not worth it for a few seconds of thrills.

To find out more about the specific laws in Nebraska, you can visit this legal site.

It’s not that we want to keep you from having fun, it’s just that we care about you and don’t want to see a bad decision mess up your life. Most people don’t consider the risks involved before sexting and we want you to make informed decisions when it comes to anything involving sex.

If you have questions, or want to talk to someone about sexting, our staff is here to help. Please give us a call at (308) 234-9880 in Kearney or (308) 675-2217 in Grand Island.


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