Summer Relationships


Summer Relationships

Summer: a time for relaxation, days spent soaking up the sun and hanging out with your friends. It’s the time most of us mentally check out because that’s what you need when you’re on break from school. But, for many, this season is the time for romance, whether you’re just interested in a summer fling, a few dates, or possibly finding a long-term relationship. 

You may have experienced a hot, steamy summer relationship or fantasized about it happening. In those cases, it’s easy to listen to our hearts rather than our head’s warnings when it comes to summer love. 

Summer should be a time of enjoyment and renewal, not one filled with regrets. So here are four tips for navigating those potential relationships. 

 Don’t Settle for Good Enough

Sometimes we use relationships to boost our self-esteem or keep up with our friends. But unfortunately, lowering dating standards to fit in with the crowd can cause hurt and pain in the long run. So, if your radar is going off when you get asked out, trust your instincts and say ‘no.’ Here’s a mantra to live by: you deserve better! See your worth, stand firm in your decisions, and don’t let somebody talk you into something you’re not ready for. 

 Have Fun, but Be Safe

Summer dates can be exciting! The best thing you can do for yourself is to have a game plan for those times. Being alone with a guy may seem daring and fun, but let’s be safe and think through some precautions. Seclusion can be dangerous, especially with someone you don’t know well. Always let someone know where you’re going to be, and have your cell phone and cash with you if you need to leave.

 Have Realistic Expectations

Long walks on the beach, sharing kisses in a secluded spot, finding that soul mate… doesn’t that sound like a dream? Well, it probably is. When we have those unrealistic expectations, they consume our thoughts, and we try to make that dream a reality. Don’t look at every encounter as an opportunity to find a new relationship. Relax, it’s summer. Spend those days experiencing life instead of obsessing over a fantasy.

 Enjoy Time with Your Friends

Remember, summer is not just about new romances; it can be a great time to unwind and spend quality time with your friends. Go have adventures! Hike, bike, soak up the sun, and make some lifetime memories. Enjoy the people who make you feel alive; those are the lasting relationships that matter most. Who knows, maybe someone special is already in your friend group.

 If you need somebody to talk to, we’re always a phone call or email away. We hope you have a fun, memorable summer!

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