What is Limited OB Ultrasound?

What is a Limited OB Ultrasound?

If you’ve been looking around the Collage website and found our list of services you may have noticed that we offer Limited OB Ultrasounds. But you probably wondered what exactly is a Limited OB Ultrasound and maybe even why you would need one.

Why does Collage provide ultrasounds?

A positive pregnancy test is usually the first indication you are pregnant, but that is all it is. It can’t really tell you much about your pregnancy. After a positive test result indicating that you are pregnant, it is important to confirm that it is a viable pregnancy and not an ectopic pregnancy. You need to know that your pregnancy is developing and growing where it is supposed to and isn’t going to endanger your life.

The way to find that information out is through an Obstetrical (OB) Ultrasound.

How is this different than what I would get at my doctor’s office?

When you visit your Ob-Gyn and they perform an ultrasound the doctor is looking at several things such as the position of the baby, the level of amniotic fluid, the number of babies, the size, the health of the placenta and many others. They have a number of questions they need to answer and they are able to examine all aspects of an OB ultrasound. They are able to assess and diagnose all things pertaining to your reproductive system and the baby.

At Collage we perform what is referred to as Limited OB Ultrasounds. Limited means that we are not seeking to answer all the questions related to your pregnancy that your Ob-Gyn might. We are limited in the scope of our questions and what we are able to share. What we are trying to determine is threefold.

1. Is the baby in the uterus?
2. What is the age of the baby?
3. Is there a heartbeat?

Our Ultrasound Techs perform our Limited OB Ultrasounds to answer these questions. Our ultrasound services aren’t designed to be a full medical evaluation, but to help you better understand your situation, to rule out immediate health risks and equip you to make informed decisions about your pregnancy.

What happens if you detect a problem?

During the scan if the Ultrasound Tech notices anything of concern, they will send your ultrasound results to the doctor who oversees our medical services for review. If the doctor detects an ectopic pregnancy or anything else of concern during this secondary review they will notify us and we will contact you with the results. Your health and well-being is our chief concern.

If you have any additional questions about our ultrasound or any of our other services please give us a call.

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